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ADR & Heavy Loads

Oversize loads

The transport of oversized loads is a specific activity in Bulgaria and is regulated by Decree №11 for movement of oversized loads, issued by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

The ordinance clearly defining the table, dimensions, axle load of PPPs that can move freely on the roads, as well as those belonging to the oversized road vehicles used for the transport of bulky and heavy loads - part of the proposed logistics solutions JetTrans Bulgaria.

The EU has rules on maximum weights and dimensions allowed on road freight transport. When loads exceed the limits (ie. "Oversize load") for their carriage need a special permit from the regional or national authorities. In different countries there are different rules and procedures for obtaining such permits relating to the escort of heavy and oversized load.


Dangerous Goods

Carrying goods by road involves the risk of traffic accidents. If the goods are dangerous, there is also the risk of incidents, such as spillage, leading to hazards such as fire, explosion, chemical burn or environmental damage.

Transport of dangerous goods is a specific activity that is performed with special vehicles and drivers who have undergone training. In the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) specified any details about this activity.

The term "dangerous goods" means substances or products that are transported under special precautions depending on their class.s permitted time periods, speeding, etc.